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Why Organics?

Why Organics?

We are very committed to organic methods because they are the only sustainable ones for the environment. We wish to build up the soil structure and to foster the life of those wonderful little micro-organisms and worms.

We have been using natural, approved methods since day one. Fortunately, there are now good supplies of certified organic fertilisers, seaweed solutions and the like.

Bantam hens run through the orchard, feeding on the grubs and fertilising the soil areas. [we need to enclose them in electric fencing because of fox attacks]

In winter, we graze our small flock of sheep on the orchard pastures. But the pet sheep love to nibble on apple leaves and buds, so they are banned the rest of the year.

We have also been using pheremone ties to regulate codling moth (the ties serve to attract the male moth, and so distract them from the females). This has been pretty successful.